Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide outstanding Christian preschool educational experiences while nurturing each child's friendship with God and others.

Registration Information
Registration is available for the 2022-2023 School Year.

Please visit our Registration Page for more information.

Weather Conditions

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd- We are outside today.

Son-Shine Corner Privacy Policy

We will not share any information on the internet about the current or past children and families enrolled in our program without the written permission of the parents.

This includes the posting of names, contact information, photographs, videos, audio, or other likeness of children or family member on our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other location that could be distributed through the Internet.

This includes the sharing of information through texting on cell phones. We have also adopted a confidentiality policy with the employees of our center that prohibits them from sharing any information about children or family members on the Internet.

Parents can DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THIS POLICY and offer their acceptance by signing the document and returning it to Son-Shine Corner staff.

In addition, we offer our GENERAL PRIVACY POLICY for information collected and stored on each student for parents to review and accept.